There are two videos below and some written information which will answer a range of questions about the Stage 3 Learning Centre for 2017.

Watch the videos and read the information then we will have a quiz!

Questions about the space

Questions about learning

Questions about teachers and teaching

Will we have a main teacher or multiple teachers?

You will have a home class teacher. This teacher will mark the roll and pray with you. This is the teacher you would give notes to and who will look after you. If you have a problem you should go to this teacher first but any teacher will help you. Your home class teacher is likely to teach you for some subjects but not for everything.

You are likely to have multiple teachers. We will have Literacy and Numeracy groups and you may have a teacher other than your home class teacher for these subjects. The groups may change throughout the year and the teachers may also swap to different groups.

Will we have different teachers for different subjects?
It’s possible you will. At this stage your home class teacher is likely to teach you Science and HIGE but we may also decide to teach these subjects as a grade sometimes. You will also have a Mandarin teacher, a music teacher, and a PD/H teacher as usual.

Will we have more than one teacher at once?
Probably for some lessons but not for all lessons. Sometimes we may teach as a grade or even as a whole stage. Some groups may combine and the teachers will teach together. At other times you would only have one teacher.

Who do I go to if I need help?
It depends what you need help with.

If you need help with the lesson or activities you’re working on you should ask the teacher who is teaching you. If there’s more than one teacher you could ask any teacher.

If you need help with friendship issues or other things that are troubling you you should speak to your home class teacher. If you feel more comfortable talking to a different teacher that’s fine too. The main thing is to get help if you need it!

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