Saturday, 1 April 2017

Year 6 Leadership Training Term 1

On Friday afternoon a few weeks ago we held our first Leadership Training session for Year 6 leaders. It was delightful to see Year 9 students, who were the first to receive leadership training themselves when they were in Year 6, giving up their time to run training activities for the current Year 6.
The students were put into groups and rotated around activities designed to foster teamwork, cooperation and communication - skills important to leadership.

1. One group chose a student to be blindfolded. They then took turns to direct them through a maze marked out on the floor with masking tape.

2. Another activity required students to reach across the groups and hold two other hands then try and untangle themselves! This one requires a lot of teamwork and communication and if you do it !correctly, you end up with everyone standing in a circle with joined hands, though some can be facing the wrong way.

3. Lastly students lay on the floor in  circle with their hands crossed over with the people next to them. They then had to tap the hands in order around the circle - much harder than it sounds! There were also signals to reverse the direction and other challenges requiring concentration, attention to detail, teamwork and cooperation.

The students had fun while thinking about and practising skills needed to be successful leaders. Thanks Mrs Gaskell and Year 9 students!

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