Monday, 30 January 2017

The Point of Departure

Today has been commonly known by many of the students as "Scary Day 1!" as it was the point of departure from their traditional understanding of how their classroom should look and operate.

Using the compass points thinking routine we were able to share with each other what we (N) Know about how our learning will work, (S) our Stance or what we believe we will do in the new space, what we are (E) Excited about and what we are (W) Worried about moving into the new learning space. We found that there were many common themes so we could address these together.

Working together as a stage students were able to unpack the "norms" for our learning space:

  • Respect for others
  • Respect for learning
  • Respect for space
What we have learned is that even though we are in a larger space, it presents us with many advantages. We are able to have more room for small group and individual activities along with whole stage workshops such as the announcement of theme for the Junior School Stage 3 production by Mrs Lee and Mrs Chuck.

We will regularly post updates from the learning space to ensure parents are kept up to date with what is happening.



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