Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Year 6 Teach Me!!

Today all of year six presented our Teach Me projects. The task was to find something to teach to a group of other students in the class and rotate each person every fifteen minutes. There was a whole variety of lessons going around in the classroom including making bath bombs, creating bracelets and making meringue.

My group (Georgina, Caitlin, Emma) made paper cutting craft, decorated cupcakes, built fruit skewers and did some face painting. I enjoyed all of the tasks and I learnt something new from every one.

Abbey P

Today the whole of year 6 had a project called a Teach Me. A Teach Me is where every student decides on a topic or skill to teach another group of students. There was an enormous range from cupcakes to crossbows and balancing books on our heads to holding handstands.

My group learnt how to balance books on our heads from Lucy. This was a really difficult process because first you need to choose the right shape and size for a book and then try to keep still while it is on your head. We also learnt how to form bath bombs. When making them you need to be super careful because most of the products that it consists of cannot be consumed. Aside from that it was really enjoyable to get our hands dirty.

Olivia M

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