Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Stage 3 Survey - How We Do Our Maths Homework

You have changed the way you do Maths homework this year. 

Last year (2015) you all got the same homework, and the same amount of homework.
You all had to do the same thing.
Do you remember? Ask your teacher if you don't. 
This year (2016) you are all getting different homework. 
The homework you get depends on how you went in your pre-test. 
As well as that, this year you are expected to watch teacher videos as a part of your homework sometimes. 

It depends what part of your Maths Mastery you are up to!

Here is the question:

Do you prefer the way we are doing Maths homework this year, 

or do you prefer the way we did it last year?

Here is the survey link! :

Sunday, 11 September 2016

Year 6 Leadership Training

Today Year 9 leaders from the secondary school organised and ran leadership gales with Year 6 leaders. Both sets of leaders gave up their lunch time to participate.

One game required students to join hands across the circle and then try to unravel themselves. The game requires communication and cooperation skills in order to be successful.

Another game required students to work as a team to organise the whole group to move from one side of the room to the other without touching the floor. Lots of teamwork and communication required!

A third game asked students to make sure everyone in the group was able to help cover up an A4 piece of paper.

Students were given names of objects and they had to work as a team to make the object using their bodies.

A final task was students had to generate an alphabetical list of cities. 

As we finished up we took time to discuss what we'd learned about leadership and teamwork from the activities. Things like communication, cooperation and listening to each other were all skills needed to succeed at the games. Thanks Mrs Gaskell for organising the activities!