Thursday, 25 August 2016

Guests in the Classroom

We started our day with a visit from Mr Bailey's Year 10 Science class. They have been developing lessons to teach how electricity works. They practised their lessons with 6T last week and were given feedback on how effective the lessons were. Year 10 went away and refined their lessons based on the feedback. Today they came to try out their revised lessons. Teaching someone else is a powerful way to learn something for yourself. It's also powerful to foster connections between learners of different ages.

One of the groups had a role play activity to demonstrate how electricity moves through a circuit. Students lined up in a square and collected "power" from a "battery". Students then walked around the circuit and gave their "power" to the light globe.  

This afternoon we had a visit from Mr Kyte, a parent who runs his own public speaking training business. He came to talk to students about how to structure a speech. We brainstormed ideas for convincing Mr Coote to allow a McDonalds to be built in the playground. We had some robust discussions about this topic, including some strong dissent!

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  1. Love this! Learning from a visitor is an excellent distraction - well not really, but a great tool for engaging students. Well done Year 6 teachers.