Tuesday, 24 May 2016

We Are the Best Table

This afternoon students were challenged to come up with persuasive arguments for why their table is the best. Students were very enthusiastic and began brainstorming ideas straight away. Each team created a Google doc and shared it with their team so each person in the team could collaborate and contribute their ideas.

The presentations were very entertaining as students used all their skills of persuasion to convince the teacher that they were the best table. We had a rap, hyperbole, and some (outrageous) claims about the prowess of various group members. We had appeals to the value of creativity, academic smarts, sporting achievements, listening skills, teamwork and manners.

We had some table banging to emphasise points and some excellent verbal expression as students passionately presented their cases for excellence. I was very impressed with the many "sizzling starts" I heard as students applied the skills we've been learning about when presenting their oral persuasive arguments.

The best table is.......the one that met the assessment criteria best! Well argued boys.

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