Sunday, 1 May 2016

Personal Passion Project Parent Information

Dear Stage 3 Parents,

This term students in Stage 3 will be involved in an extended project as homework - a Personal Passion Project. This project provides an opportunity for students to explore and learn something new they have always wanted to do. They could learn a musical instrument, a new skill like cooking or painting, build a model or learn about the history of space travel. The sky’s the limit!

The Personal Passion Project is a wonderful chance for students to develop their own personalised learning styles and to take ownership of their learning. They will have the opportunity to gain new knowledge, skills and understandings in an area they are passionate about and that is meaningful to them.

Students will be given a framework and support to assist them to work within a timeline and plan to meet deadlines. Students will set goals, work to meet them and reflect on their progress. Early next term students will present what they have learned to teachers, peers and parents. More details can be found on the Homework page of the grade blogs.

We’re asking for your support as you assist your children to choose an appropriate focus for their project and stay on track to complete it. You will be invited to come and view the presentations as we celebrate student achievement and learning.

We are also asking students to continue working on their Maths Mastery activities at home as we did last term. We will not be setting Spelling homework or requiring a set amount of reading. We’re sure students will do plenty of meaningful reading as they research and learn in their chosen project area!

If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch with your child’s class  teacher.

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