Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Mystery Skype - Mt Sommers New Zealand

Today Year 6 connected with a class in New Zealand to play a geography game of mystery skype.

Mystery Skype is a task that involves the entire class, each student has a role to fulfill, whether it’s the supervisor, greeter, answer, questioning, scribe, journalist, google mapper or globe hunter. Today we had to discover where in the world or in fact New Zealand the other class was and they did the same to us. It gave us the opportunity to see life from an others perspective hearing about their understanding of what life would be like growing up in Australia as well as hearing what life is like for them in New Zealand.

Mystery Skype is an exciting part of innovation hour, the part of the week where we experiment with our learning to discover new and exciting things. Mystery Skype has three skills needed if you want to win leadership depending on which role you have, teamwork with the group you are in and geography to know. It is essential to know how to read the maps, understand latitude and longitude and work with North, South, East and West.

Each role is an important one as we need to depend on each to succeed and each time we play a new game we have new roles. Google mappers are in charge of creating questions such as “is your country in the southern hemisphere?” These questions are based on the answers they have already been given and the maps that are looked at on “google maps.” The journalist is the person who writes the reflection or explains what we have done. 

Finally, the scribe writes the question that the mappers have given and the answers that have been given by the other school, they also write the questions and answers from the other school.

Mystery Skype lets us meet new people overseas as well as in Australia, it allows us to improve our knowledge of geography and how other schools in different countries work and it teaches us skills like teamwork and leadership.

By Hannah

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