Thursday, 5 May 2016

Making Paper Cubes - Student-led Learning

Several students from Year 6 attended Maths Camp this week. One of the learning activites was how to fold and make a cube out of coloured paper. Alex F from 6H was very enthusiastic about this and volunteered to put together a document showing how to fold the sections including photos of each step (see below). Alex and Samuel, who also attended the camp then taught the class how to fold and make the cubes. They helped students and shared some of th pitfalls they'd encountered when making the cubes themselves. The students did a terrific job of explaining the process. The class was very engaged and had a lot of fun learning to make the cubes. Thanks boys for sharing your learning with us!


If you are stuck at any point come and see us

Step 1:  the paper corner to corner make sure it is on the white side.

(Repeat on other side)
Step 2: fold opposite corners in.

(Repeat on other side)
Step 3: now that you have three lines get the same triangle and fold it to the most outside lines.

(Repeat on other side)
Step 4: keep folding to get a trapezium.

(Repeat on other side)
Step 5: flip the paper
Step 6: this is a tricky one, fold the flat part into the middle

(Repeat on other side
Step 7: fold remaining triangles in.

(Repeat on other side)
Step 8: fold into a parallelogram.
Step 9: get triangles on the side and tuck under the trapezium.

(Repeat on other side


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