Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Mystery Skype

On Wednesday of Week 3 of Term 1, we participated in a class experiment called “Mystery Skype.” Mystery Skype is a game designed to get children up thinking and learning about geography and history in a fun way. What happened was our Year Six class skyped a class in Victoria, Melbourne. Their school’s name was Aitken Creek Primary School. We didn't actually know where they were or who they were and the point of the exercise was to find what Country, State, City, and school they were in under 30 minutes only using yes or no questions and answers.

It was challenging at first but exciting collaborating with another school in a new way. Mystery Skype incorporates and involves maps, atlases, thinking skills and previous knowledge like direction and country. Our intelligence on geometry has grown through this activity and will continue to over the next few Skype chats. The first question we asked was if they were in the southern hemisphere. That question narrowed it down for the next questions. We found that some of the questions were too specific (skinny questions) and as a result they were asked too early in the game.

Skinny questions are questions that help you find a little bit of geographical information but fat question are ones that help a massive amount information. We found that fat questions give big answers and can be equal to 5 skinny questions. The next good question we asked was "are you on an island?" and "are you near the Tasman Sea?" as they helped us to define their location before we began to use the more specific questions. The answers to these questions were able to give us the state of our oppositions, which were in Victoria, Melbourne.

It was a challenge that caused us to think outside of the box and problem solve. It made geography real so that we understood it and found purpose for it.

Written by Hannah F and Cameron L. Photos by Max D.

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  1. That sounds like so much fun, wish I had been there