Monday, 9 November 2015

Surf Awareness

Today Year 6 ventured out to Cronulla Beach to participate in a Surf Awareness Program run by Sutherland Shire Surf Lifesavers.
The program began with some education about waves, flags, surf safety, blue bottles and sun safety.


It was time to learn some of the skills needed in the surf.
  • dolphin dive
  • tread water
  • raise your hand and tread water
  • float on your back.

It was time to get on to the beach. 
Flag games and relays to practise the new skills in the surf.

After lunch it was down to the rock pools for paddling with the boards and more relays.

It was a most enjoyable day...


  1. We had such an amazing day! A great way to learn about surf awareness

  2. I loved this excursion! It was extremely fun and I learnt a lot about the surf.

  3. I really liked the excursion. :•)

  4. thanks teachers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. It was a really fun excursion and I wish we did it again. Thanks teachers for organise such a good day... 😜😜😃😃

  6. I had SO much fun with the ice-cream and it was SO delicious! Thanks for such a wonderful idea!! :D

  7. Making Ice-cream and the surf awareness was so fun wis we could do again