Sunday, 22 November 2015

Google Hangout with a Counsellor from Helpline-1800551800

Today 6D had a hangout with a counsellor from Kids Helpline. Her name is Annabelle. She spoke about resilience and the need to build up your resilience.
Everyone experiences times in life when they will need to 'bounce back'. 
She suggested  to think about 5 things each time you experience something that is not what you had hoped.
There are numerous to choose from:
Talk to an adult
Talk to a friend
Get support
Breathe like a milkshake
Think positively
Call Kids helpline
Get your thoughts in perspective
Think about other times when you have been successful
Take a rest
Listen to music
Eat healthy
Do something that is fun

Here are some photos of 6D hanging out...

This is Ben practising his breathing.

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