Thursday, 26 November 2015

Photos from Year 6 Graduation

Dear Parents,

The Year 6 Graduation was a wonderful celebration of Year 6 this year and a send off for the students who are moving on to new adventures next year.

The link below will take you to a folder containing the slideshow shown at the Year 6 Graduation and the photos taken by Mrs Chuck of the students receiving their certificates. Please enjoy browsing the photos and make copies of any you'd like to keep.

The link will become inactive on Friday afternoon next week.

Year 6 Mini Fete

Finally today Year 6 held the mini fete they've been planning for all term. Students investigated a range of potential charities and presented their pitch to the grade about why their charity should be the one chosen. We voted using the preferential voting system we learned about last term in our Government unit. The students spoke passionately about their choices and advocated for where they wanted to direct the funds. Students decided to support the 'Make a Wish' Foundation.

All the students planned and prepared very thoroughly for their stalls. The amount raised is not known as yet. Monies will be counted tomorrow as we hold a discussion about expenditure, profit and loss!

Please enjoy these photos of the students in action.

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Making Meringue and popcorn - Irreversible Changes

Today for our Science lesson about irreversible changes we went to the senior school kitchens. We combined egg whites and sugar and mixed them to make meringue. Please enjoy the photos showing the process, including the clean up we did afterwards.

We also made popcorn in an electric frypan so we could see the kernels popping. Mrs Black used a special camera to project the frypan onto the screen so we could see. We opened a bag of microwave popcorn to see what was inside. From that we worked out the kernels needed heat AND oil in order to pop.

Monday, 23 November 2015

Investigating Irreversible Changes

Today we looked at sugar and water to toffee, uncooked eggs to cooked eggs and candles not lit and burning.

Much discussion was happening and lots of questions.