Thursday, 17 September 2015

Year 6 Excursion to the City!

Yesterday the year 6 students along with Mrs Davis, Mrs Hatton, Mr Coote, Miss Everist and Mr Day, went into the city to visit a number of places!

We were dropped off at Milson's Point, and walked back across the Harbour Bridge to Circular Quay. This was very exciting, as it was the first time that many of the students had walked across the Harbour Bridge. Many overcame a fear of heights! The view was spectacular!

We stopped for recess at Circular Quay!

We made our way up to State Parliament House and we ventured into the gallery of the Legislative Assembly. The Deputy Speaker acknowledged us from his chair.

From here we walked up to the Art Gallery of NSW, where we explored the Australian Art section of the gallery. We investigated a number of paintings and discussed the different features. 

After a very busy day, we made our way back to school. We had heaps of fun and learnt a lot! 

Enjoy some of the creative photos that students took of the Harbour Bridge!

Kate Richards

Susanne Miao

Darcy Faulkes

Felicia Fung


  1. Yesterday was a fantastic day! One of my favourite excursions that I've ever been on while at Inaburra!

  2. Yesterday was fun! It was my favourite day this term

    1. Glad that you enjoyed this excursion so much.
      As all the activities were free, you can revisit again.