Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Award Winning Entry

BOSTES hosts a writing competition each year called 'Writeon'. 
This is the stimulus picture that was used this year...

Year 6 had the opportunity to enter the competition. One student was selected and his entry won GOLD. Well done Dylan Huynh.

An Envious Idea.

“I hope this is worth my precious time.”

The pungent crowd swarmed around me as the huge balloon rose off the ground. My annoying and persistent brother dragged me to this ‘spectacle’. Now he’s run off somewhere into the crowd, leaving me standing in the middle of this unorganised huddle of peasants, not even the sea breeze was able to mask the revolting smell of those filthy animals. I can’t believe my father agreed with my brother that this would be a good experience. I honestly don’t see why the crowd went so wild when it lifted off. Children jumped onto their parents shoulders cheering. The crowd jostled around me like a swarm of chaotic bees trying to get to their precious flower.

My anger and envy finally bubbled over after watching the Zeppelin rise agonisingly slowly. I couldn’t believe that this horrible invention grabbed the attention of anyone, let alone the prestige it had received. It was so slow. How could you go anywhere?

“I’ve had enough of this balloon! You call that flight? Have you seen any flying creature that moves slower than a man. I’m going to walk to the end of the beach, I’ll be waiting.” I yelled furiously at the balloon. I shoved my way through the crowd, picking up the pace when I accidentally knocked the blacksmith’s hat off. I started walking up the sandy hill, anger in my stiff and formal stride. 

As I walked up the hill the noise of that horrendous crowd faded away replaced by the wonderful silence of nature. The green and luscious trees swayed quietly in the calm warm summer wind. A flock of white seagulls majestically glided over the trees. Unlike all other creatures I admired birds and their ability to do what I could not, fly straight and level with the sinking sun on the horizon. I could have gotten lost on that hill if it wasn’t for that seagull that flew over to the other side of the hill, exactly where I was going. 

On the other side of the hill I finally found peace and quiet. The crowd had been so overwhelming. I was still walking when I noticed a flock of seagulls swooping down to catch silver fish. They moved so effortlessly in a restraint-less flight. Human flight should be the same, not like that useless excuse for flight. If a simple balloon could grab so much attention, what would the invention of true flight bring? What gives the seagulls their effortless control? Wings! That’s what we need, wings! Humans need to glide, not just float up helplessly in the air. If I could replicate these wings, I would be renowned across the world, I would hold the power of true flight. I need to tell my brother immediately.   

“Mr Wilbur Wright?” Said a nervous voice to my left. “ Your brother waiting for you.” 

By Dylan Huynh


  1. Congratulations Dylan! This is such an amazing achievement!

  2. Great job, Dylan! Your story is amazing! You deserved it!

  3. Amazing story! I love all the descriptive language. Congratulations on such a well deserved award!