Monday, 24 August 2015

Setting up the House of Representatives in the Classroom

As part of our study of Australia's Government, we set up the room to look like the Federal Government House of Representatives.

The students rearranged the desks and then drew the roles of the government and opposition out of a hat.

Those students who wanted to stand as a leader of their party prepared and delivered a campaign speech. 

The students completed a secret ballot form and then preferential voting was carried out.

The leader of the opposition was announced along with the deputy leader.

The Vote for the Prime Minister was a little more difficult. The vote was even and so the members of the party voted again. The vote was still even and so The Speaker made the final decision. 

The students will continue their discussions about Government ministers and the different roles that are in the House. 

The whole experience was fabulous and a great deal of learning occurred. 

The photos represent our lessons...

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  1. I loved this activity, and learnt a lot more than I usually would have throughout this lesson.