Sunday, 16 August 2015

Self Paced Learning

This Monday morning the activities were written on the board for students to work on.

Students came in to class and got straight to work.

The dictation passage was recorded for this week. I noticed last week we had to wait around for some students who weren't ready to begin and I thought if the dictation was recorded students could work at their own pace and not have to wait for each other. 

The class was very settled and we were very productive. It should also assist students who were absent to catch up on missed work.

Student feedback indicates they liked this type of learning and appreciated being able to work at their own pace.

On the other hand, some students in Year 6 were not as appreciative of this style of learning. They felt that overall it took longer and preferred the teacher to read the dictation directly.

Next week we will do the same activity and see if the results are similar.

1 comment:

  1. It was a bit annoying to keep on stopping the video to hear what I had to write but other than that I actually enjoyed the new way of doing our weekly dictation!