Monday, 31 August 2015

Constructing Bridges Using K-Nex!

Year Six had a great morning today making different kinds of bridges using K-Nex. They worked individually and in pairs, and by following instructions they were able to make these amazing bridges! They were so engaged and produced some amazing designs! We had Suspension Briges, Cable-Stay Bridges, Beam Bridges, Arch Bridges as well as an amazing Opening Bridge! These bridges will be on display in the classroom. 

Year 6 Create their own House of Representatives

Enjoy this fun time lapse of the set up.

Thursday, 27 August 2015

Book Week!

The Year 6 students were exceptional this year. 

These students lined up for a quiz about the shortlisted books.

Enjoy the characters and some cows as well...

Everyone has gone to so much trouble and enjoyed dressing up as a wide range of book characters. 

We also had a number of students who dressed as cows for the day. Here is a group photo.

Stage 3 teachers got into the fun and came dressed as characters from Peter Pan. See if you can work out who the crocodile is? Also, where's Wally?

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Maths- Independent Learning

This is what a regular maths lesson looks like! Students are working on mastering the topic of fractions, decimals and percentages by completing activites on just the parts they need to study. 

Some are listening to teaching videos, some are completing online activities, some are working on worksheets. Others have finished the core activities and have been designing games to help others learn fractions. 

Today they were trying out the games to make sure they worked. As you can see, everyone is engaged with their learning!

Monday, 24 August 2015

Setting up the House of Representatives in the Classroom

As part of our study of Australia's Government, we set up the room to look like the Federal Government House of Representatives.

The students rearranged the desks and then drew the roles of the government and opposition out of a hat.

Those students who wanted to stand as a leader of their party prepared and delivered a campaign speech. 

The students completed a secret ballot form and then preferential voting was carried out.

The leader of the opposition was announced along with the deputy leader.

The Vote for the Prime Minister was a little more difficult. The vote was even and so the members of the party voted again. The vote was still even and so The Speaker made the final decision. 

The students will continue their discussions about Government ministers and the different roles that are in the House. 

The whole experience was fabulous and a great deal of learning occurred. 

The photos represent our lessons...

Bridges Investigation

Today Year 6 spent some time working through a range of practical and online activities to help them explore and better understand the science of bridges. The activities are on the blog on the Science tab if you want to try them out!