Thursday, 30 July 2015

Year 6 Chat about Writing a Children's Picture Book

In Year 6 today we looked at a newly published picture book:

DOG and the LOST LEG
By Carlee Yardley

Some students were away and so we created a video so they could watch and learn.
In this way, when we go on with the activity next week, they can have the same lesson that the remainder of the class enjoyed.

We discussed what makes a great children's book. 
These are some of the ideas:
1 cute characters
2 interesting fonts
3 pictures match the story
4 colourful
5 rhyme
6 repetition
7 onomatopoeia
8 happy
9 has a gimmick eg lift the flap
10 good ending

We thought about the characters we could use to create our story.
Setting was the next issue we discussed.
Then came the problem and then the happy ending.

The students spent some quiet time thinking and writing. 
A debrief finished the lesson.


Next week we will continue and chat about our illustrations.

We are wanting to publish our books when they are complete. I wonder if a publisher will agree...

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  1. I had a great time learning about childrens books. I love the idea of writing a book, and I definitely hope a publisher agrees to publish our books.