Thursday, 30 July 2015

How is the Intensity of an Earthquake recorded?

Enjoy these videos of the students testing the seismographs that they made.

Year 6 Chat about Writing a Children's Picture Book

In Year 6 today we looked at a newly published picture book:

DOG and the LOST LEG
By Carlee Yardley

Some students were away and so we created a video so they could watch and learn.
In this way, when we go on with the activity next week, they can have the same lesson that the remainder of the class enjoyed.

We discussed what makes a great children's book. 
These are some of the ideas:
1 cute characters
2 interesting fonts
3 pictures match the story
4 colourful
5 rhyme
6 repetition
7 onomatopoeia
8 happy
9 has a gimmick eg lift the flap
10 good ending

We thought about the characters we could use to create our story.
Setting was the next issue we discussed.
Then came the problem and then the happy ending.

The students spent some quiet time thinking and writing. 
A debrief finished the lesson.


Next week we will continue and chat about our illustrations.

We are wanting to publish our books when they are complete. I wonder if a publisher will agree...

Monday, 27 July 2015

Thursday, 23 July 2015

How does the Richter Scale Work?

Constructing a structure to withstand an Earthquake is an interesting thought. An earthquake intensity is measured on a Richter Scale.
This experiment was a fabulous learning experience. Enjoy these snaps...

Then the testing...scale 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 that's how far our arms could reach. 

The students really learned a great deal from this hands on learning experience. They reflected their learning on their own personal learning blogs.

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Using the protractor to measure angles, angles from a line and games

Students working on Maths activities. Loving learning!

What is Democracy? Why do we have a system of Democracy in Australia?

These two questions will help us understand our system of Government in Australia.

Students worked in collaborative teams to create a movie to help themselves consolidate their understanding and to teach others.

The students watched a short video and then researched information to consolidate their thinking.

The students are thinking about improving the skills suggested in the Inaburra Learning Profile.

Monday, 20 July 2015


Speaking and listening are important skills for students to learn. Mrs O'Neill has expertise in this area so we appreciated her sharing her knowledge and wisdom with us today.

Manner is very important when giving a speech. Mrs O'Neill demonstrated different ways of using your voice to be more interesting and convincing when delivering a speech.

The students practised standing in a steady stance whilst giving a speech.

Matter is the second feature of a great speech. Mrs O'Neill reminded us of the importance of choosing a topic that is interesting to the audience. When speakers talk about something very personal it's less engaging for the audience.

Method is the final part of an excellent speech. It involves how the speech is organised and timed.

Finally Mrs O'Neill demonstrated how to plan a speech about graffiti.

We'll be following this up next week and doing some more thinking about speeches!

Literature Circles in 6H

Here are some photos of students discussing Bridge to Terabithia which we are reading this term. Mrs Davis explains the process in more detail in her post below.

Sunday, 19 July 2015

Literature Circles have started in Year 6 - Bridge to Terabithia.

Today was the first day that we came back together as a class to discuss in small groups what had been read during the week.

The idea of Literature Circles is to discuss the aspects of character, figurative language, themes and what has actually happened in the text. 

The groups have a leader and the leader has a list of activities to work through so that there are things to talk about.

The Inaburra Learner Profile states that the students are learning to be relational and contributive contributors. As a class we discussed what this means...

These are the thoughts we came up with.

Unfortunately some students had not read the assigned chapters and so the discussions would not have been as meaningful.

After the discussions, the students recorded their thoughts on their Reflective Learning Blog.

Mrs Davis.