Thursday, 21 May 2015

Microscopes - Mould and Yeast

Yesterday, 6D went down to the science lab in the high school. We looked at yeast and mould through a microscope. We used the mouldy bread from our past experiment and looked at these micro organisms.
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If you moved the knob on the microscope you could see the yeast reproduce clearly.

Mould isn't what you imagine it to look like. Yeast is what we put in bread and loaves of bread are life and life is delicate, the process is long and you have to be patient for your turn. -Lara Markovska

Seeing what the mould looked like close-up instead of just seeing it normally was very interesting. -Susanne Miao

Mould and yeast are living. They start off small and then grow just like humans. -Darcy Faulkes


  1. An excellent lesson. Fabulous discussions and the students were very engaged.
    Mrs Davis.

  2. I really enjoyed the lesson with Mrs Gordon! She helped teach us very well!