Thursday, 28 May 2015


Year 6 have been making sculptures in Art with Mrs Stivaktis.

You need:
Foam pyramids

1. Use the foam pyramid as a base. Attach the wire and mould in to shape
2. Put a stocking over the wire, cut off any excess and tie at the base.
3. Paint/decorate

We are also in the process of creating the Year 6 artwork which will be for sale at the Trivia Night. Here's a sneak peek! 

Thursday, 21 May 2015

Year 6 Presentation 22.05.2015

Year 6 Assembly Item

Today, Year 6 performed during assembly. We talked about what letting your light shine actually means, and how we can shine our light. This is a video that explains what letting your light shine means: Douglas Talks: Letting Your Light Shine. Here are some photos:

Our Wonderful Singers

Our Fabulous Dancers

Our Amazing Musicians

And Our Superb Speakers

Microscopes - Mould and Yeast

Yesterday, 6D went down to the science lab in the high school. We looked at yeast and mould through a microscope. We used the mouldy bread from our past experiment and looked at these micro organisms.
.JPEG ImageJPEG ImageJPEG ImageJPEG ImageJPEG ImageJPEG ImageJPEG Image
If you moved the knob on the microscope you could see the yeast reproduce clearly.

Mould isn't what you imagine it to look like. Yeast is what we put in bread and loaves of bread are life and life is delicate, the process is long and you have to be patient for your turn. -Lara Markovska

Seeing what the mould looked like close-up instead of just seeing it normally was very interesting. -Susanne Miao

Mould and yeast are living. They start off small and then grow just like humans. -Darcy Faulkes

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Does the microorganism, yeast, really make bread rise?

The aroma of fresh bread was once again smelt in the Year 6 classrooms.

Groups of 4 students...

Each student planned to bring some equipment...

Mrs Davis supplied the ingredients and the recipe...

The students created the dough...

We waited for the yeast to activate...

Peter said,"We did not use warm water!"

Oh well...

The dough didn't rise a lot...

The students punched the dough again...

Mrs Lloyd cooked the dough...

The bread was delicious with butter, honey, jam and vegemite...

Loved it...

Monday, 11 May 2015

Bread Making

Today 6H made bread. Everyone brought in the equipment we needed and we worked in groups of 4. We followed a simple recipe and make wholemeal or multigrain bread. Students had to collect the ingredients, mix them together then knead the bread. We let it sit for a while to rise, then kneaded it again. A representative from each group carried the bread to the ovens in the high school for baking.

I'd like to thank the wonderful Mrs Woods who cooked the bread for us and brought it to our classroom. She also provided butter, honey, jam and Vegemite. She also washed up for us! The bread was delicious and we really enjoyed eating the fruits of our labour. Maybe you'll get to try a piece tonight if there's any left!