Monday, 27 April 2015

Literacy Group

Year 6 is studying visual literacy. The text we are looking at is WE ARE ALL BORN FREE. It contains the 30 articles from The Declaration of Human Rights. These articles were written in 1948. In this book the articles have been illustrated by a variety of international artists.

Year 6 is looking at the visual techniques that can be used to convey meaning. 

In pairs, the students looked at a different image. 6D and 6H students both looked at the same images. 

Then they came together and each pair discussed their thinking with the pair that had studied the same image. 

This was a very powerful exercise for the students.

Sunday, 26 April 2015


Today Mrs Young ran a lesson about timetables. Students worked in groups to construct a train line with at least five stations from masking tape. Each centimetre represented one minute. Students then used their train lines to make their own timetables. Each group came up with a scenario using their timetable for another group to solve. The students were very creative with their train lines and highly engaged!

Google Hangout

Today in 6D, we used Google Hangout to talk to 6H. We played a game where you had to guess the other class' country by asking questions about where the country was, if it is North, South, East or West, or if it was near an ocean. There were different roles for everyone, like Questionaire, Runners, Answerers and Map People! Our country was India and theirs was Zimbabwe. We ended up winning the game and then we had to say goodbye to the other class!

In the future we plan to use Google Hangout to talk to other classes around the world.

Thursday, 23 April 2015

Google Hangout

After our ANZAC assembly the Year 6 students had a Google Hangout with a School in New Zealand.

Mr Host organised the Hangout for us so that we could chat about what we had learnt about ANZAC. We each asked questions and the NZ students sang for us and recited some Haiku Poetry that they had written.

We plan to have a mystery Google Hangout in the near future that will aid us in our learning about Global Connections which is our Unit of Study this term.

ANZAC Ceremony

Today the Junior School celebrated 100 years of ANZAC by participating in an ANZAC Assembly.

Several Year 6 students spoke solemnly about their relatives that fought in War. 

Kyle's great grandfather, Eddie Touhill, spoke to us about his experiences in WW2.

We laid a wreath...
This wreath will be taken to a Dawn Service tomorrow, 25th April.

The Ode was recited by Kyle Brotherton.

The Last Post was performed by a high school student. As a school we all took part in a one minute's silence to remember those who have fought for our country in wartime.

The Rouse was then played to signal one minute.

The majority of the assembly was run by Year 6.

Mr Coote showed his gratitude and thanks to the Year 6 leaders.

We all have a new understanding of ANZAC.  
Written by Kate.

Thursday, 2 April 2015

Creating an Instrument to See Around a Corner

What a fabulous culmination to our unit about Light. The students used the information gained about the behaviour of light to think about a way to see around a corner. They really enjoyed the challenge and making the instrument was fun and very successful. Here they are working collaboratively.


The final products were tested and photographed. The photos will be added to the Student Assessment Portfolios.