Sunday, 15 March 2015

Science Lesson - How are rainbows formed?

Blowing and creating bubbles. What can be learnt from this?

Rainbow Experiment

We experimented with bubbles today! We looked at how a rainbow was formed and found out that a rainbow is created with water droplets and sunbeams. The water droplets act like prisms and the light goes through them which forms the awesome colours a rainbow has! Bubbles also have rainbows inside them (if you look closely). Epic!  - Cameron

Science Reflections

In science we went on the field and blew bubbles some were big and some were small. In the bubbles there were rainbows. We saw the rainbow being formed inside the bubble.

The reason rainbows are formed is because the water and the light is being broken up and it forms the colours.

A rainbow is a colourful line in the sky which has lots of colours like red,orange,yellow,green,blue.indigo and violet. - Nayoka 

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