Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Preparing to Write.

Today we created atmosphere in the classroom by turning the lights off!

The next movement was to sit on a space that was your own and feet were not on the ground in any way. 

 Students were completely quiet as I led them through a guided visualisation by asking questions. They wrote their thoughts. 

These were the questions and thoughts...
You are either a mum, grandfather or a child of 8.
It is dark, tense and you are shoved on to a boat. 
What smells, sights and sounds are around?
What are your feelings, thoughts and emotions?
What or who are you running from? Do you know?
Where are you heading? How long might it take?
What are two images that you have on your journey?

The students shared their stories with a partner and then several children read to the class.

The students then thought about what they did not bring on the journey. 
This is an excellent thinking skill to think of the opposite. For example what was not brought rather than what was brought.

There were some amazing pieces of prose written. 

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