Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Leadership Training

Today at lunch time Year 6 leaders had the opportunity to participate in some fun leadership training. Year 11 student leaders ran some fun games to help Year 6 understand some valuable leadership qualities, like teamwork, planning ahead and working together. Thanks Mrs Gaskell for helping us organising this!

Leadership training for Year 6 will be held once each term. Students must attend if they wish to receive a Leadership Award at the end of the year, unless they are absent. I was so impressed with the student's enthusiasm and willingness to attend this training today.

After lunch Year 6 wrote a short reflection on this individual blogs about three things they learned about leadership. You may want to read what some of them wrote.

Susanne M wrote:

What I learnt at the Leadership Meeting

What I learnt at the leadership meeting was.....
1. Teamwork and communication is important to be a leader.
2. Encouraging others and younger ones is also an important thing to be a leader.
3. Teaching younger ones the right things will teach them to be a better leader when they grow up.

Tom D wrote:

What I Was Taught In Year 6 Leader Training...

1.If you want to be a leader then you must learn to work in a team.

2.Being a leader means you'll have to adapt to being given a short amount of time to take care of a big problem.

3.And finally To be a great leader you'll have to have a kind heart and be willing to help everyone that needs it.

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  1. Great insights on leadership from our kids.......the future leaders of our school and community.

    Rachel Day