Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Further investigations about Light.

What a lesson!
Year 6 were very excited about dissecting a cow's eye.

Mrs Gordon was very careful to explain that the cow had been killed for meat and that the eye was used for educational purposes.

Some students were a little queezy. 

Other students looked at some dirt samples through various lenses.

We learned so much.

I enjoyed watching the cow's eyes being dissected as well as learning about all the fascinating things that are in cow's eyes that we don't have. I also loved looking at what is in our eye and how it works. 
Looking through the lenses so I could look closer at the dirt and worms was also fantastic.
Harrison Cavenagh.


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  2. The kids' reactions are priceless! Great pics

  3. I really enjoyed brainstorming what the picture from We are born free meant with Jordan.