Thursday, 19 February 2015

Excursion to the city of Sydney

Today Year Six ventured in to the city to see the sights of Sydney.
The purpose was to experience the old and the new buildings and places of Sydney and observe the diversity of people.

Circular Quay to the Rocks to Darling Harbour to Darling Quarter and then on to Chinatown.

The students were encouraged to photograph an aspect of the excursion. They were asked to observe, think and wonder. The teachers offered explanations of the places and prompted observations. 

IMovies will be created at school to display the findings and observations.

Here are some of the memories...

The old and the new...

Cadman's Cottage.

 The Rocks - contrast of old and new buildings.

Heading up under the Argyle Arch.

Contrast of old and new architecture.

Darling Harbour.

It was Chinese New Year's Day.

Heading towards Chinatown.

Shopping in Chinatown.

We experienced diversity in many ways today.

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  1. What a great day! I work in the CBA building and saw you all from the window!

    Don't the Chinese lanterns look fabulous?

    Tom Day's mum